Characters original

Name: Jonny Z
Age: 12
Affiliation: D’Card
Enhancements: 100% O1 Meat
History: Born to an OC’ed Breeder waiting to burn out, Jonny’s life was pain, abuse and neglect until he took to the streets at five. He lived among the R-Cats, before being taken in by Rico, who taught him to survive. While Jonny learnt how to harness his natural talents, to become one of the Detrtz youngest and most respected assassins.
Quote: “Some shit never changes”

Name: Rico
Age: 43
Affiliation: DL and Zipper-Hed
Enhancements: CFB-X, HAP-LL, HAP-AL, SPC, ICS+, EAP, DSR, SAF-L
History: Rico had been 18 when the DOS wiped out 95% of life on earth. The black sheep of his corporate born family, they severed all ties during the Migration and left him to fend for himself. Smart, tough and easily underestimated, Rico carved his own place amid the anarchy, and named it ‘Mainframe’.
Quote: “What the fuck?

Name: Archon
Age: 41
Affiliation: Grey, Transhumanist
Enhancements: SI-GRO, CVR, SPC+, Linked PPU+/SPU+, RPS, LOC+, OCS-X, XAP, FSR, 2NI, CS32, OCF, FFC+
History: A Code Rider from the time she could connect, Archon had mastered the finer arts of Phracking long before the DOS. Learning the Doctrine from others, Archon balanced her Phracking skills, developing her Hacking and Cracking, in order to earn true Grey Status. She further embraced her growing Transhumanism and obsessively began evolving her wetware in the pursuit of perfection.
Quote: “I will re-write you

Name: Jax
Age: 27
Affiliation: Rags, Transhumanist
History: Growing up amid the DOS, Jax suffered a myriad of afflictions in his youth, before turning to the Church of Transhumanism and their creed of SIMM 4411. Doing whatever it takes in his effort to be reborn, a stronger meaner Jax emerged, usurping the local chapter of the Rags who recognized his ruthless violence, and self installed mods, as a mark of true leadership.
Quote: “Fuck

Name: Nixin
Age: 51
Affiliation: Bolt Thrower
Enhancements: XCB-X, DSR, BAF-2, IP6, 3HS, EEU
History: An Old Schooler, ranked long before the DOS, Nixin was practically born a Bolt Thrower and worked his way from GB’er to a Koolaid before he was ten. By the time of the DOS and the chaos following the Migration, he was already a Vice Hardy, and with the Bolts being one of the first gangs to solidify territory and establish order after the AIS officially headed into the Purgs. With considerable influence thanks to long time friends like Rico, and his position as Prime Count for the 6C Bolt Throwers, and with barely a pound of metal in him Nixin is a Hard-tard in every sense of the word, and not someone to be taken lightly
Quote: *Chest Thumps*

Name: Leo
Age: 42
Affiliation: K-Dealer
Enhancements: GCO-X ICS+, IP6
History: At 17 Leo chose to remain in the Detrtz rather then sell his future to the AIS corporation for the right to migrate. A natural predator, he became a Flesh DLR, taking advantage of the social feeding frenzy, Leo positioned himself well and was connected to the right people when the world changed. Since then he has literally moved into the more exclusive inner Circles, getting into an ever more lucrative position, as he moved from the general Meat March into the private Shadow Market of Kiddy Flesh and R/Quests.
Quote: ”Lets do some business”

Name: A-Steroid Boys
Age: 3
Affiliation: Steroid Boys
Enhancements: GXO-X
History: Grown in reverse engineered Gene 9 Tanks over a matter of weeks, Steroid boys are a Cheap knock off of the I.S. Army’s Gene Boys, produced out of Hong Kong. Leo’s guards are basic Alpha model Steroid Boys with enhanced strength and reflexes, but lacking integrated cybernetics, and with limited capacity to accept after market mods, as is customary to Vorg’s. One of the last advances made prior to the global Migration, the Gene 9 Tanks were developed by the Chinese, who maintained a tight hold on the technology, making Gene Boy’s extremely exclusive. A variation on the prototype tanks was however created by HKK As such purchasing a Steroid Boy requires premium Status and access to a significant ICB, insuring Leo couldn’t resist trading a sizable collection of Meat for the pair of matching A-Boys when the opportunity arose.
Quote: N/A

Name: Jac
Age: 6
Affiliation: Nu’K, Fodder
Enhancements: LIP, RCS
History: The daughter of an OC’ed Script Kiddy, who borrowed hard to cover the M&M’s needed for him to score a Lance as a Peeker, he botched the job and the debt went bad, with Jac acquired as collateral before being sold to Leo.
Quote: *silence*

Name: Big T
Age: 32
Affiliation: Dealer
Enhancements: GRO-X
History: A true pharmaceutical savant, Big T is one of the few DL’s insured across the Detrtz. His brash ever grinning face etched with scars, Big T’s origin remains a mystery. With rumors varying from him being a Corporate geneticist and chemical engineer who went rogue after he refused to hand over the patents on a batch of synthetic CSS he developed, that was so pure the user was declared dead while still Riding in RC, through to him being a brain fried OC, who became a pharmaceutical genius after he suffered a Hard T while accessing a corporate PhDB.
Quote: “Big T got the cure for what ails ya.”

Name: Skinny D
Age: 22
Affiliation: Lurker for the D&W
Enhancements: RSC, ASO, RPS, IP6
History: A total Nu’K, Skinny D is the son of Big D, the Deelers Prime Enforcer. Skinny’s sister was recently abducted by Leo’s Vultures, she’d entered 6C to get a Hyper skin graft from her brothers friend, Von Samppa. Once the Vultures tagged her as a Nil-stat from 8C, they did a standard S&B, she was sold to a Pain Junky with the Krazy Kats. When she didn’t return Skinny D dropped a roll on Squealers trying to find her, but by the time he tracked down the Pain Junkie who’d bought her, there wasn’t much left to find.
Quote: “Jive with me.”

Name: Blixa
Age: Unknown
Affiliation: None
Enhancements: Unknown: Extensive Blackbox and self alteration speculated.
History: With training and tech that exceeds the Mega Corporations best, and a history shrouded in secrecy, Blixa has long since abandoned humanity, choosing to spend his life in a medicated amnesia. His sole emotion is revenge, directed at the man known as Hertzog.
Quote: “Gotta Light?”

Name: Danielle
Age: 25
Affiliation: C-Rider, Vice Slinger for the Snakeheads
Enhancements: CFB-X, MSS, FSR, EAP, Dual PPU’s, DNI+, CS8, SPC+, HS3, ASO, WFC, RTU, OCS-X
History: One of the first born under the DOS, her FeeB’s refused to take out insurance and were made an example leaving Danielle in the Snakeheads care. She endured trials and tests, she became hard in mind and body, At 13 streetwise and strong beyond her years she earned rank. By 16 she was a Snapper, at the Snake Pit. Having taught herself how to access the Code using old AX gear and jacking the Hardpoint she soon came to the attention of Annell, who took her on began training her personally.
Quote: “Always and forever Free.”

Name: Hertzog aka The Doctor
Age: Unknown: Speculated to have been born in the early 1900’s
Affiliation: Unknown: One of the worlds leading geneticists and nano-engineers.
Enhancements: Restricted: Level 1 CFO clearance required
History: Restricted: Level 1 CFO clearance required
Quote: “God is Dead”

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